verba volant [inter] scripta manent
words fly away, writings remain
                                                        {Caius Titus)


Personal linguistic Services

Language support

Do you need the voice of a native speaker for your website, commercial or company presentation?

Would you like to let your eCatalog speak?

With an appropriate voice, you can make your products, presentations, catalogs and websites even more “speaking” and lifelike.

Depending on the chosen language and field, we can work together to find the best voice that suits your needs.

You can also contact IV for even more speech and language services:

  • language advice
  • tailor-made language training (including Italian, Dutch, English)
  • informal conversation exercises (including Italian, Dutch, English)
  • tutoring (including Italian, Dutch, English)

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us or request a free quote.

  • translation
  • editing
  • revision
  • interpreting
  • voive-over
  • hostess
  • language courses

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