verba volant [inter] scripta manent
words fly away, writings remain
                                                        {Caius Titus)


Personal linguistic Services


In addition to the fact that every translator at Inter-Verba is naturally a native speaker, every specialist has an excellent command of the source language and, not least, every specialist has a thorough knowledge of the field in which he or she translates.
Let us know your wishes and / or send us a copy / part of your file for a free quote.

From commercial letter to technical manual, from deed of sale to subtitles, from general terms and conditions to weblog, from localization to commercial, from annual report to market research, from presentation to children's book, from software application to magazine, from newsletter to website, from official report to patent ... no discipline excluded.

From Italian to Dutch, from Dutch to Italian, from English to Italian, from Italian to English, from Dutch to English, from English to Dutch, from German to Italian, from Italian to German, from Spanish to Dutch, from Dutch to Spanish, from English to Spanish, from Spanish to English, from English to Turkish, from English to Russian, from Russian to Italian… no language combination excluded.

From Word to PDF, from Excel to AUTOCAD, from XML to HTML, from Indesign to Framemaker, from paper to display… no format excluded.
Van snelle vertaling tot volledig gereviseerde en drukklare tekst, van samenvatting tot beste TAG-geëdite versie… geen uitvoering uitgezonderd.

The overview of the costs changes depending on the field, format, language combination and implementation. Translations are usually charged per word and prices can vary from 0.10 to 0.30 euros per word.
Elke opdracht is uitzonderlijk en verdient een gepaste prijscalculatie.  Dit is de reden waarom u hier geen IV-prijslijst vindt

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