verba volant [inter] scripta manent
words fly away, writings remain
                                                        {Caius Titus)


Personal linguistic Services

Remote interpreter

If you are unable or unwilling to move, the option of a remote interpreter is the solution you are looking for.
A remote interpreter usually works via telephone, Skype or other VoIP connection.

The conference function allows multiple parties to hold a conversation over the telephone line, with the interpreter being one of the participants.

This solution is usually ideal and is used for conversations between 2 to a maximum of 4 people.

An interpreter can also conduct a telephone conversation on your behalf without you actively participating, for example in a telephone market research or in carrying out procedures (submitting requests, gathering information). In this case, too, there are no limits to the nature and duration of an interpreting service over the telephone.

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If you want to know more about the possibilities, go to, Interpreter on location, Voice and other language services or Inter-Action.

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